PLNT Crab wins Best Tasting Product at FHA Singapore

PLNT 100% plant-based Crab has won the 2023 award for Best Tasting Product award at the FHA Food & Beverage Expo in Singapore. The product garnered the most votes, which were given by the audience at the fair.

PLNT in Singapore

Right from the start of the Expo, the PLNT stand was crouded. “The response from the tasting bar on the crab was amazing. People came to tell us it was the highlight of their day,” says Hansie Conradie, Sales Executive. “We knew the Crab was doing well with the votes, but it was still a very nice surprise that it actually won.” People could taste the crab combined with plant-based wasabi mayonnaise and dill, presented on a spoon. 


PLNT’s latest innovation: Crab Cakes 

Besides the Crab, the team also brought the 100% plant-based Cheese Burger, Chicken Tenders, Salmon and PLNT’s latest innovation: 100% plant-based Crab Cakes. They are based on the normal Crab and a lot of natural spices. Like the crab, this new product is also doing well: it is shortlisted for the New Product Expo at the PLMA fair in Amsterdam later this year.

FHA Food & Beverage took place at April 24 – 28 2023. It is an international food & drinks trade event that brings together the global food and hospitality community. It offers a wide range of food & drink products and innovations that are top and trending across the globe.

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