Vegan products from The Veggie Lovers in Marley Spoon box

Meal box provider Marley Spoon is including meat substitutes from The Veggie Lovers, developed by Future Food Group, in its recipe offering. At the end of December 2020, customers could already get acquainted with the Vegan Meatballs from The Veggie Lovers. Boxes with The Veggie Lovers Vegan Sausage and The Veggie Lovers Vegan burger will follow soon. Vegetarian and vegan products are no longer a small niche. Both the demand for and the supply of tasty and healthy meat substitutes is growing, making the expansion of vegetarian and vegan recipes in the meal boxes a logical step.

Now that more people are at home, the demand for meal boxes has increased. People want to eat more consciously and the demand for vegetarian and vegan dishes in a meal box is on the rise. Marley Spoon responds well to this and makes a well-considered choice to expand this category. Customers can determine the content of their box themselves, as they can choose from 30 new meat, fish and / or vegetarian recipes every week. Not only ideal for the vegetarians among us, but also for flexitarians there is plenty of choice for an occasional tasty dish without meat.

Kay de Wolff, Senior Category Manager EU at Marley Spoon: “We are happy to work with Future Food Group and to add their vegan and vegetarian options from The Veggie Lovers brand to our menu. Our vegan and vegetarian recipes support a healthy and sustainable lifestyle. “

The Veggie Lovers offers an extensive range of meat substitutes divided into traditional meat substitutes such as burgers, sausages and minced meat, as well as various flavours of strips like chicken and strips like beef and even sandwich fillings. You can vary endlessly with this broad range.

Laurens Kraaijenbrink of Future Food Group: “With The Veggie Lovers, every meal can be transformed into a delicious meal without meat. We see that some consumers who want to eat less meat sometimes have trouble replacing the meat component in a fully-fledged way. Marley Spoon creatively proves that the latest generation of meat substitutes are extremely suitable for replacing meat in general, without compromising on taste, mouthfeel and perception. ”

The range of diversity in meat substitutes is growing. In the development of new products a step has also been made in terms of taste, texture and nutritional value. The meat substitutes from The Veggie Lovers contain added vitamin B12, iron and are produced from sustainable European soy. The products are also low in saturated fats, rich in proteins, but above all healthy and very tasty.