The most realistic fibrous structures on the market

We bring the latest generation of plant-based / vegetarian fibrous structures. The fibrous structures have been developed by our butchers together with our innovation team. The recipes have been fine-tuned based on the feedback of tasting sessions with consumers and some of our major clients in the food industry, making sure you can offer your clients the best eating experience.

With our pieces like beef or chicken, you can make almost any dish plant-based or even completely vegan. The products are perfectly suitable to the various world cuisines and fit every meal.

True innovation with our 3D Extrusion Technology™

With our team of product innovation, we developed our newest technology called: 3D Extrusion Technology™.

  • Resembles the look, taste and structure of meat; if you wouldn’t know better you would think it is meat made from animals.
  • Nutritional values comparable to or even better than meat.
  • The most natural eating experience.
  • When cooking, the structures absorb the juices of the ingredients and gravy.
  • When eating, the juices from the structures are released, creating a juice-release effect similar to that of meat.
  • Tested and approved by our (ex)butchers.