Press release: PLNT introduces new Ready Meals

Press release

Convenience food is a popular trend in the food industry. With a growing number of people leading busy lives and having less time to cook, many are opting for ready meals. PLNT, the brand of 100% plant-based meat and fish alternatives, is responding to this by offering a wide range of Ready Meals. Future Food Group, of which the brand is part, developed the products itself with a meal manufacturer in Veenendaal, Utrecht. “We are taking Ready Meals to the next level, consumers are demanding meat and fish successors that are as healthy and nutritious as the original,” said Hansie Conradie, PLNT Global Business & Development Specialist.

The article “The Importance of Convenience in today’s world” highlights the increasing importance of convenience in modern society, with a specific focus on plant-based ready meals. Consumers increasing awareness of health and sustainability aligns well with PLNT’s mission. The brand believes that a healthier life and planet are the foundation for our future. PLNT enjoys “living in the moment” but also looks ahead to tomorrow. That’s why the assortment consists of ‘next level’ successors of meat and fish, for everyone who makes a conscious choice to eat less (or no) meat or fish. At PLNT you feel and taste the original, but eat completely plant-based, healthy and animal-free.

The assortment consists of seven delicious meals that are on the table in no time. The packaging is microwave and oven safe. You just poke some holes in it, put it in the oven for 25 min. at 200°C or choose the quick way and put it in the microwave for 5 min. The flavors are indistinguishable from real meat and surprise everyone who tastes it. The most popular dishes that vegetarians miss have been examined and made 100% plant-based by an in-house production team. The assortment includes No-Lamb Tajine, No-Chicken Tikka Masala, No-Beef Teriyaki, No-Meat Pasta Bolognese, No-Meatballs Green Pepper, No-Meat Chili Sin Carne and No-Chicken Red Curry. All ready-to-eat meals are packed with protein, daily nutrients and many are also low in fat. So it’s not only a feast for your mouth, but also sustainable and healthy. The meals come in 450 gram portions and are meant for one person. Easy, quick and packed with flavor!

The new plant-based Ready Meals are a perfect option for retailers who are looking ahead and love innovation. The meals are available at Future Food Group for B2B retail customers.