We are PLNT

a passion for future proof food

The future belongs to all of us, which is why it is important that we only eat what nature has to offer. Our passion for good food goes hand in hand with our love for nature so together we can work at a future proof planet. We share this vision with our network built on experience and expertise. Because PLNT is part of the Future Food Group, we are not alone. Together we create tasty products directly from European soil. These innovations are fully plant based, so you can fully enjoy what is on your plate.

Healthy lifestyle

PLNT’s natural ingredients contribute to a healthy lifestyle.


Many of the PLNT products are completely plant-based and / or vegetarian so that you can fully enjoy.

Motivated research

Through the collaboration with Future Food Group, there is a constant flow of innovation with the latest technologies.

For everyone

Delicious for the whole family thanks to a wide variety of products.

Every category is covered. All our efforts are aimed at developing plant-based B2C and B2B products for a future-proof tomorrow.

A laser sharp focus on development and innovation

7 product categories

Including: Vegetarian Lunch Meat, Richly stuffed with vegetables, Crispy Bites, Seasonal specialties, The Perfect Base, Golden Pride, True Classics.

4 goals

In addition to innovating vegetable products, PLNT stands for conservation, producing good food and a future-proof planet.


Because just producing plant-based products is not enough, the production process must also be future-proof.

From veggie dressed bread to classics with a new look, PLNT creates the best of the future on your plate.

A global selection

  • Vegetarian lunch meat
    • From bologna sausage to fillet like chicken, PLNT products can also be used as tasty sandwich filling. With these savoury products it is easy to dress up all your bread and toast.
  • The perfect base
    • Of course you want a good, tasty vegan base for the perfect wok dish or pasta you are creating. Our range also includes minced meat, chicken, stew strips, and fried bacon,  all plant-based of course.
  • Seasonal specialties
    • For special occasions, PLNT can put tasty plant based seasonal specialties on your table. Popular products can be expected such as spareribs and hotdogs.
  • Richly stuffed with vegetables
    • Tasty products stuffed with all kinds of vegetables. In addition to preparing vegetables, you can also enjoy the freshest vegetables, including peas, mushrooms and broccoli.
  • Golden pride
    • We are famous for our Dutch cheese. That is why we created a future-proof category of products starring the recognizable and typical taste of cheese such as the Cordon Bleu and the cheese schnitzel.
  • True classics
    • Interesting challenges in our product range are classic products in their plant-based forms, including the hamburger, meatballs and bratwurst. Our delicious plant-based varieties will amaze you.
  • Crispy Bites
    • Vegetarian food belongs, and this includes the well-known schnitzel. With our crispy products you get the characteristic “bite” while enjoying all kinds of vegetable innovations such as the famous chicken nuggets.


Check out a part of what PLNT can do for you below:


100% plant-based

Minced meat

100% plant-based

Vegetable sausage

100% plant-based

Sliced chicken-like fillet

100% vegetarian

Sliced chicken-like fillet (spiced)

100% vegetarian


100% plant-based

Double burger

100% plant-based


100% plant-based

Date sausage

100% plant-based

Cranberry Sausage

100% plant-based

Chicken Strips

100% plant-based

Broccoli sausage

100% plant-based

Beef strips

100% plant-based

Beef stew

100% plant-based


100% plant-based

All questions are welcome

It is understandable that our many unique concepts and innovations should prompt discussions. Naturally you can always contact us through our customer service department. Feel free to ask a question or leave a comment.