New organic addition to the veggie shelf: The Veggie Lovers

The Veggie shelf has a new addition: The Veggie Lovers. The brand with various meat substitutes from Future Food Group has undergone an upgrade. Not only with a new, fresh look & feel but also by switching to organic. This makes a new category of products available for food service and retail within the EU. During Biofach, July 26-29, the renewed, healthy and tasty products from The Veggie Lovers will be introduced.

Future Food Group is strong in the development and production of meat substitutes, from idea to realisation, both for its brands and third parties. After producing an assortment of meat substitutes for organic wholesalers Udea, Future Food Group has continued to develop these types of products to target the vegetarian & organic market throughout the EU.

Fleur van den Akker, product developer at Future Food Group: “The organic and vegetarian consumer operates in a niche market, but in our opinion should be served and have enough choice. With The Veggie Lovers, we open a new category within the food. The various products are tasty and easy to prepare. The Veggie Lovers also lends itself well to consumers who do not identify themselves directly with this niche market. This makes the brand more versatile and widely applicable.”

Organic, sustainable and healthy
The range of The Veggie Lovers currently consists of 12 products, including vegetarian organic ‘pulled beef’, ‘beef pieces’, chicken pieces’ and well-known items such as variants on a burger and chicken schnitzel. Naturally, the products are made from organic and natural ingredients. The origin is also taken into consideration. “We go local and sustainable to keep our ecological footprint as low as possible. For example, our soy is grown in Austria. In addition, 85 % of the energy used during its production is renewable,” says Van den Akker.

Future Food Group is keen on producing healthy products. The Veggie Lovers range is a good source of fibre, rich in protein and low in saturated fats. For example, only ‘high oleic’ sunflower oil is used. Fleur van den Akker explains: “This type of oil contains a lot of omega-9, a monounsaturated fatty acid that fits in a healthy diet.” For extra flavour, only single herbs and self-composed herb mixes are used.

Fresh & attractive look
The new look and feel of The Veggie Lovers is attractive. A fresh pink background and green leaves form the basis. Beautiful product photos complete the packaging. The colours stand out on the product shelf. For fresh products, the packaging consists of a sealed plastic tray, partly with a cardboard sleeve, so that the contents are visible to the buyer. Cardboard boxes are available for the assortment in the freezer compartment. The sustainable character of The Veggie Lovers is continued in the packaging. It consists of FSC-certified cardboard and recycled plastic, making it easy to separate and fully recyclable.

About Future Food Group

Future Food Group stands for the food of the future. The organisation responds to consumer wishes in this dynamic and rapidly changing world. The focus is on producing healthy & sustainable meat- and fish- successors that are indistinguishable from the real thing, using innovative techniques and natural ingredients.

The development and production of organic vegetarian meat alternatives present additional challenges. For example, specific binding agents and additives are not used. Nevertheless, Future Food Group succeeds in making tasty products. The company also showed earlier, with a ready-to-use plant-based beef Wellington, to be able to come up with meat-free products where others have not (yet) managed to produce a good alternative. Future Food Group proves to be a suitable partner for food organisations that would like to see a specific question answered in a concrete product solution.

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