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Future Farm

The food company, also known as Fazenda Futuro in Brazil, attempts to turn carnivores into herbivores without them realizing it. Their purpose? Using plants to produce exact meat replicas based on texture and taste without animal suffering, thereby reducing CO2 emissions.


The latest vegan brand. Together with Future Food Group PLNT shares one vision: making meat substitutes tasty, sustainable and affordable. Together we are working on a future where good food is key. Ingredients are grown in Europe and processed into affordable and tasty products. That’s where our future is.

The Veggie Lovers

The Veggie Lovers products meet a desire on the part of consumers who want to use meat substitutes in their dishes rather than moving on from meat altogether. The Veggie Lovers offers a wide range of products including cheeseburgers, diced ham and mince. All products are based on vegetable proteins and do not contain trans fats, but they do contain vitamin B12 and iron.


The Future Food Group is constantly adding new innovations to its network. Keep an eye on this page for updates.

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