Future Farm ready to conquer Europe with plant-based products

Future Food Group has engaged in a unique partnership with Fazenda Futuro. Fazenda Futuro is the first Brazilian foodtech company producing meat from plants and has already made a name on the South American continent. Under the name Future Farm, the company is now entering the European market. Future Food Group becomes the exclusive EU supplier of Future Farm’s high-quality, tasty, plant-based products.

Future Farm aims to produce true meat replicas based on plants in terms of texture and taste. This way it contributes to reducing CO2 emissions and unnecessary animal suffering. Future Farm believes that the combination of innovation, sustainability and taste can lead to new products. Products that stand for conscious consumption and taste good. Future Farm has already proven itself in South America. Time to conquer the rest of the world with their high quality products.

Marcos Leta, founder of Future Farm explains: “Brazil is a world leader in meat and vegetable production. I believe that we also have an obligation to be a global player in the plant-based industry. With our brand we want to make a real connection with the conscious consumer by offering them plant-based quality products at a competitive price. Products that stand for the decrease of deforestation in Brazil, conserving natural resources and reducing animal suffering for our consumption. Our goal is to be one of the largest players in plant-based products and bring joy to everyone’s belly and the planet. ”

Future products
Future Farm products have the same texture, juiciness and meat flavour as meat, but are completely plant-based and gluten-free. At the Horecava, visitors could already get acquainted with the Future Burger, Future Mince and Future Meatballs. Visitors who tasted the products were very surprised, positive and enthusiastic.
Future Farm products are available for both Foodservice / Cash and Carry and Retail. Parties interested in the Future Burger, Future Meatballs and Future Mince or upcoming products from Future Farm (the Future Sausage will soon be a fact as well) can contact Future Food Group at sales@futurefoodgroup.nl.

Distinctive design
Future Farm’s meatless burgers and minced meat not only have distinctive quality and taste. The appearance of the brand is also unique. Is it futuristic or show a hint for nostalgia? It is striking and different for sure. This is also Remy van der Geer’s opinion, columnist at Marketing Tribune, who mentioned this in his (Dutch) article regarding branding at the Horecava.

Future Food Group, headed by Mr Anton Bal, will arrange the distribution of Future Farm in Europe. “The vision we have with Future Food Group is” protein-rich food of the future “. We develop products ourselves, but are also open to other food producers who, like us, have sustainability and the future as their core value. Together you’ll reach more. The conversations we had with Future Farm soon showed that our visions match. In addition, their products are also very good and appropriate to the level and price that we want to offer the market. It would be shame not to introduce Europe to these products. ”

Mr. Leta agrees. “I think we have found a partner in Future Food Group that has the same goal and can provide us with the necessary knowledge and information about the EU market. The expectation is a long-term, close collaboration in which we actively create a strong brand in Europe. ”

The first benefits of the collaboration can be reaped soon. After an introduction at Horecava, follow-up steps were taken to conquer Europe. Consequently in April the first Future Farm products will be available at a few retailers and wholesalers.

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